About Us


Twin Lion Films is a revolutionary production house dedicated to content driven entertainment that provides international exposure to our onscreen talent and sponsor partners like never before. Our focus is on promotion and partnering with like minded talent and institutes who share our vision in dedication to producing cutting edge entertainment.

Our business structure is simple yet unique, we emphasize on investment based on time and infrastructure which will lead to future monetary returns to all our partners. We provide the platform and opportunity to talent and our backend partners to showcase themselves on a national and global scale. In an industry where exposure and promotion is vital and yet so hard to come by, Twin Lion Films bridges that gap.

The world of entertainment has become purely about connections and financial power to the point where real talent gets crushed under the wave of those privileged few who simply use their connection to muscle their way into an industry.

Twin Lion Films is positioning itself as a company that promotes entertainment in its most pure form. Stepping away from the typical grind and narrow-mindedness of the usual production houses, we are ready to take on and partner with all who share our vision and committed style of work.

Placements are something which is never guaranteed in this profession, unlike other fields where numbers and grades define your position. Actors and performers are left to fend for themselves with no safety net. Bouncing from audition to audition desperately clutching on the hope of a positive response.

These performers can find solace at Twin Lion Films during those times of struggle and insecurity. We believe that anyone with passion and dedication deserves an opportunity. Taking an overview of the talent in its most raw form, we work hand in hand with institutes and on an individual level to create a medium to showcase their strengths.

This invaluable on screen presence becomes their launch platform. A form of work experience that is expected from all performers, but so few production houses are willing to offer.

The only investment is in time and effort, and Twin Lion Films does the rest to promote and endorse. A branding method unique to all others where all our partners, on and off screen will be put into the lime light, and where the world will take notice.