We have built a new audience for short films across the globe, developed a platform for film makers that allows millions of people worldwide to engage with their work. Operating online, in live events and through commercial distribution, we believe strongly in the social experience of film; in cinema as a communicator and community that should not be restricted by geography, status, wealth or politics.


Encompassing a plethora of activities ranging from screenings, workshops, seminars, experts discussions and more, the festival is what can be rightly termed as a ‘Filmmaker’s Paradise’. In short Twin Lion Short Film Festival offers filmmakers and artists a platform to experiment with alternative forms of film-making, pit their talents, get expert advice and, this could just turn out to be your dream launch pad. Twin Lion Short Film Fest also honors those individuals who have achieved excellence in short films


With monthly screenings in Mumbai, we provide everyone with a chance to showcase their work and rub shoulders with some of the most acclaimed members of the film industry. We help producers or filmmakers with new short films by. using their short film profile to promote their films and announce their awards and upcoming screenings. Find the best film festivals and events for their new short films and help them connect with others in the short film industry. We have our own distribution network, we promote their film through Internet, IPTV, DTH and conventional media like home video, overseas etc.


Research | Conceptualisation | Screenplay Writing | Timeline and Treatment | Location Scouting | Casting | Equipment | Budgeting | Storyboarding | Release Forms and Legal Documents


ON THE GROUND | PRINCIPAL PHOTOGRAPHY: We capture all the magic ‘On Set’ and leave no stone unturned to ensure that every shot is perfect! And yes, we drink copious amounts of coffee (or lime juice, depending on the weather)! | What we offer: Direction | Cinematography | Location Sound | Production Management


THE HOME STRETCH | POST-PRODUCTION: We slice, we dice, we shake, we stir, we chop and we change; and yet, we are not easily satisfied. No rest for the weary till we are ready to present the final product to the world! | What we offer: Editing | Colour Correction | Music Spotting | Dialogue Editing | Automatic Dialogue Replacement (ADR) | Foley and Sound Effects | Music Recording | Final Out | DVD Mastering